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Andrew Lutkoff

Andy Lutkoff has been performing in SW Florida for over 25 years. He has performed with many of SW Florida’s top musicians including Joe Delaney, Jay Heavilin, Kevin Mauldin, Trimble McCullough, Doug Kirschner, Mickey Basil, Dave Morgan, Michael Baer, Tim Goodman, Brad Brown, and David Sarchet. In addition to leading various trios and quartets with the musicians above, Andy has lead the groups Straight Ahead and Saxdance. Both groups have been featured at Lee County Alliance of the Arts as well as at many venues in SW Florida. Andy is originally from NYC, but grew up in Richmond, Virginia. His musical roots go from early years studying classical sax and being heavily influenced by his mother who was a concert pianist, performing many of the classics at home

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Humans Becoming We humans are always in a perpetual state of evolution. We are”Humans Becoming”. As we take this journey, as we all aspire to fulfill our lives with happiness and self –satisfaction, sometimes we forget that we are all in this life together. Our collective futures depend on this togetherness, Human to Human, understanding, sharing, caring and evolving. To the extent that we (Humanity) are successful, Human to Human, we will survive eternally. The art form of Jazz has also evolved over the years. It is perpetually in the state of becoming, just like humanity. Our success as a musical group depends on the same togetherness, musician to musician

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