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Andy Nowak Trio

Drawing on influences ranging from the hard swinging Oscar Peterson trio through the pseudo classical inventions of Brad Mehldau to the atmospheric ideas of E.S.T., the trio play original compositions and interpretations of standards with effervescence and flair. With an emphasis on joy and risk taking, the trio weave a compelling tapestry of soundscapes and lyricism at once fresh and familiar. 

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“A wonderful album of lovely compositions and inventive playing by Andy and his trio. Watch out for this guy!” Jason Rebello

“...Sorrow and the Phoenix sparkles impressively...this eight-track sequence of originals offers an increasingly attractive blend of crystalline serenity and snappy incisiveness.” Adrian Pallant, LondonJazz

“ is not only a lovely creation, it is artful in many unexpected ways and most intelligently conceived...The album it began, marked by melodicism, sublime harmony and thoughtful arrangement.” Charley Dunlap, Listomania Bath

“...I was very impressed with this performance and also by the album which is both intelligent and highly melodic and features an unfailingly high standard of musicianship throughout

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