Ania Rybacka Ania Rybacka

Ania Rybacka is a polish artist living in Denmark. She belongs to a group of young musicians who moved to Scandinavia in search for openness, freedom of style and means in expression through art. Her work combines different art-forms and focuses on conceptual improvisation. Last couple of years she performed with DKDM and Odense Symphony Orchestras, Danish Radio Big Band, Adam Rudolph and Kresten Osgood orchestras, but for her own projects she chooses duos and trios. She's been working as a composer, choreographer, performance coach and choir-leader. She also leads and co-leads improvisation focused projects, The Art Of Escapism, Voice & Movement Encounters among others. In the beginning of 2015 she released an album with trio Sphere “Synesthesia”, a concept-project based on chromasia phenomenon.

Short Biography: Ania Rybacka started cooperation with Culture Center in her family town, performing on stage for the first time when she was only 4 years old. Since then music has been her inseparable companion. She was a member of children musical group, folk dance class, singing class, choir, youth brass orchestra and many smaller formations. She received an education in composition, jazz theory, piano playing, classical singing, performance and artistic leadership. She always studied music simultaneously with general education, and many other activities. In 2010 she graduated both from University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Warsaw Jazz College ‘Bednarska’

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About Sphere’s album SYNESTHESIA, released in record label Hevhetia: ”The most important factor of this album is the endeavor to search for new forms of expression, in an intimate environment without stylistic limitations. These three young musicians are all well established Artists by now and Sphere is just one of several different projects they are all involved with. They obviously share the vision of creating new musical vistas and expanding the horizons, which by itself is commendable. (...) a high quality debut album by all means!” - Adam Baruch




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