Anita Ivette Ferrer

Anita Ivette Ferrer

Instrument: Guitar | Location: Trenton

Updated: January 16, 2019

Born: March

Flatted Fifths and Major Sevenths My Jazz Journey, for All About Jazz Website Serendipity seems to be the description of my jazz journey. As a teen gal dreaming that I’d be a rock star-fashion designer when I grew up, I never would have thought I would be a folk-jazz chanteuse. No relatives in either my German or Puerto-Rican side s of my families were musicians. I had a beautiful soprano 4-octaved voice but never had the inclination to play an instrument. When I came to know Christ as my Lord and savior in 1982, two twin sisters with beautiful voices invited me to harmonize and minister to the elderly and dying at many Jersey shore nursing homes.

In 1989. I met a handsome lead hard-rock guitarist named Chris who asked me to co front his Christian hard rock band. I was very shy, but God had given me a gift of confidence and we took the NJ shore by storm with our edgy, but intimately evangelical message. Several months later, I was hit by Lyme disease and endured two years of treatments and severe debilitation. Chris and my band disbanded, but I soon connected with two gifted musicians who soon became my best friends and song-writing partners. One, was a jazz-R&B drummer who created on a midi keyboard system. . Kyle loved my voice and compared me to Basia. I’d never heard of her, but soon bought several of her CDS and was hooked. Since the Lyme made me weak with Chronic Fatigue and frequent lung infections, and I couldn’t afford dining, my treat was having coffee and desert to see the Calabrese brothers at a Red Bank, NJ coffeehouse

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