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Anna Maria Flechero descends from African-American and Filipino heritage, she was born in San Francisco and resides in the area still to this day. Even though she was raised by her grandmother, “Big Mama,” Anna Maria was heavily influenced musically by her mother, Leola; a pianist and choir leader for several local churches. Learning to play the piano by ear at any early age, she began composing songs and writing lyrics influenced in part by the Motown sounds of Marvin Gaye as well as the Latin rhythms of the Mission District where she lived.

Along with others, it was a natural progression that led Anna Maria to form a 13-piece Latin jazz band that performed at concerts on the same bill as such heavyweights as Santana, Pete Escovedo, Malo, and Graham Central Station. After many successful performances, Anna Maria ventured out as a solo artist and ventually was described as a “modern day blues singer” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Continuing her musical journey, Anna Maria performed as a solo artist in Japan. Accompanying herself on the acoustic piano, she composed and performed her own originals and stylized many well-known standards. While in Japan, Anna Maria met the legendary pianist Cedar Walton and had the great opportunity to perform with his trio, which included renowned drummer, Billy Higgins.

Upon returning to the United States, Anna Maria was confronted with a family crisis and over the ensuing years she raised several children and adopted her great-nephews and niece. Then, in 2002, Anna Maria turned the spotlight on herself, working full-time during the day and recording at night.

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