Anthony Smyth Anthony Smyth

Anthony started playing drums at the age of 13. During the late 1970s, while still at school, Anthony was playing professionally in various bands in Canberra Australia. A move to Sydney in 1979 brought regular work in Fusion, Funk & Pop bands over the following 5 years. During this time Anthony played with Steve Reinthal, Jack Jarvis, Robin Riley, David Nicholas, Tony King, Richard Wilkins and Dorian Mode.

The later part of the '80s provided the opportunity to work in various audio visual production projects, leading to technology based activities becoming more prevalent than performance.

A renewed focus on drumming within Jazz genres since 2008 provides the impetus for current recording and performing projects.

No recorded work remains in the public arena; a situation being work upon with some vigour and urgency.


Camco - LA period, SONOR 3007 Series, Drouyn Drums (50s-70s Australian Drum Co). Zildjian Cymbals - Canadian As, K Customs and Constantinoples. Sabian Cymbals - Sound Control series only.


No press quotes, but my personal favourite is: “'s better than breathing” by Grozny 2008.


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