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Anton Hunter is a composer and improviser living in Manchester. He leads the 11-piece Article XI band as well as his own trio, both with records on Efpi Records. Also ongoing is a duo with baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts called Ripsaw Catfish, Cath’s quintet Sloth Racket, the trio Beck Hunters and a myriad of other different ensembles, ad hoc and otherwise. He is perhaps still better known for his work as guitarist in the Beats & Pieces Big Band, a group he is a founder member of and who continue to defy the odds simply by gigging as a 14 piece jazz ensemble in the UK, Europe and, in 2018, Canada & the US. He manages to fit all this in around his busy schedule of being outraged on Twitter where he can be found @HunterAnton.


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“an impressive document of Hunter’s approach to composition and group improvisation… characterised by strong themes, inventive group playing [and] rich horn charts in the key of Ellington and Bley” Stewart Smith, The Wire on Article XI

“this high-level music’s human warmth can almost be touched” Nick Hasted, Jazzwise on Article XI

“If Frank Zappa had been co-musical director of Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra then the results might have sounded something like Article XI. Think Carla Bley's charts, Haden's missionary passion and Zappa's sudden shifts in direction and you may begin to get an idea of the terrain” Ian Patterson, All About Jazz on Article XI




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