A new die has been cast. Arisawkadoria, the newest discovery of groundbreaking label Wax Orchard and the torch bearers of Electronic Improv, have released a debut album that at once exceeds its great expectation, and even the sum of it’s parts.

Gentleman and Samurai, each man represents a different force of nature. Featuring D n B icon Kevin ‘KJ’ Sawka on percussion, rising sun Ari Joshua Zucker on guitar & effects, and the West Coast’s premier Jazz Organist Joe Doria, Arisawkadoria ignites the upper atmosphere in a breathtaking, mind altering, post everything display of new school virtuosity & electronic improv. Simply stated, Arisawkadoria is one of the most exciting and visionary ensembles on this planet, and probably the next. AriSawkadoria’s debut Chapter One pushes all of it’s envelopes wide open. The album unfolds through the smoking lens of DnB atmospherics and a cool filter of post jazz improvisation. From the timelessly warm, and lushly analog path on the ready for radio, “Open Road,” to the experimentation and technical virtuosity of tunes like “Turtle Beats The Hare” the record creates a striking journey. Chapter One is an instrumental voyage that speaks a thousand words on why Arisawkadoria can be so at home headlining a rock festival, a jazz club, and all night underground party, in parts or in the eternity a single evening. As Turtle revels in a league of instrumental interplay that is unmatched in this century, tracks like “After Death Part II” simmer like long exposure photos of cars racing through a city at night. Kevin 'KJ' Sawka, like a glitch in the matrix, every one of his performances and recordings, shatter the illusion of mankind's limitations behind a drum kit.

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‘Jungle jazz, space dub voodoo…A deathstar steamroller, with the added features hooked in and fully operational.’ �” Trent Moorman, The Stranger

‘…a multiplicity of styles with unmatched precision…the work featured here is marvelous.’ - Ali Guitierez Artifact Magazine

“KJ Sawka… Listening to him, you wonder, 'Is it live or digital? Human or sample?' The Stranger

“[KJ Sawka’s first record] should have been the soundtrack to The Matrix.” - KEXP

AriSawkadoria unifies three of the brightest and most progressive minds in the Seattle music community. Marc Fendel, The Slab

Seattle writer James Kirchmer exclaimed that Sawka “attacked his kit with a frenetic precision so impressive I speculated that he'd once been replaced by a drum machine, and had spent all the years since working out an elaborate revenge.”

Primary Instrument

Organ, Hammond B3

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Advanced students only.


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