Arnan Raz Arnan Raz

Influenced by the legacy of giants like Lester Young, Stan Getz and Warne Marsh, as well as the innovations of Mark Turner, Arnan Raz and his quintet create a refreshing fusion of the traditional and modern jazz. While clearly introducing/implementing elements of American and Israeli folk music, this band, in it's classic instrumentation of tenor sax, alto sax, piano, bass and drums, definitely has a 'New York' sound.

With solos that successfully match the compositions in their extremely melodic and intuitive nature, the quintet delivers an energetic yet elegant performance, projecting both unity and harmony.

Arnan Raz was born in Kibbutz Merchavia, a small village in the north of Israel to a musical family- his grandfather was a music teacher and a painter, his uncle a famous conductor and his mom and his brother both are professional guitar players. However, until the age of 13 Arnan’s passion was soccer. Suddenly, out of nowhere and without much reason, Arnan decided that he want to play the saxophone.

Right from the beginning, he would go to practice every day with his grandfather: “I knew that I played well when after I finished, I would see tears in his eyes. This image is still a constant reminder for me to what music is about”.

Pretty fast Arnan became noticeable as a serious and dedicated saxophone player at the area where he grew up and started to perform with local bands. His teacher at the time was Albert Beger- a known free jazz artist in Israel and Europe.

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Primary Instrument

Saxophone, tenor


New York City

Willing to teach

Advanced only



Album Second To The Left by Arnan Raz

Second To The Left

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records



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