Arnaud Quercy

God, I Loved my job in banking, loved working with my colleagues globally, being surrounded by so many talented individuals with a combined brain power that defies the imagination. you know, feeling that the world is yours to take... You learn that success is all about managing change. I tend to think I was quite successful in it, delivering bigger projects every year passing by...oh yes, I enjoyed every minute of that life during 20 years. Yet, events forced me to reconsider the journey. I realised that I mistakenly thought success equalled happiness - but more importantly, I realised that the route I had paved for myself and and forced upon my family would soon meet a roadblock I couldn't remove. Something had to give. I and I felt I could loose everything... I must admit that re-setting your whole professional life to rescue your personal one at the age of 40+ is a humbling experience. I knew that this was now the time for a life changing decision, a free-fall, a re-boot. I took a big breath, and jumped on that summer of 2011.

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