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Artie Fishel and the Promised Band


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Gilad Atzmon

Label: Res-O Records
Released: 2007
Views: 398

Track Listing

1. Watermelon Man [What a Mellow Goy] (H. Hancock) - 2:25; 2. Mr. President [Interlude] (T. Clark Hill) - 0:21; 3. Themes From West Side Story [West Bank Story] (L. Berstein) - 1:11; 4. Theme From Dvorak’s New World Symphony [Coming zu Hause!] (A. Dvorak) - 4:22; 5. Garage Band (Artie Fishel and The Promised Band) - 1:43; 6. Radio 7 (Artie Fishel/T. Clark Hill) - 0:51; 7. Bye Bye Blackbird [Hoy Hoy Hoy Hoy Blackbird] (Henderson/Dixon) - 2:06; 8. Artie In The Sky (Artie Fishel) - 0:28; 9. Radical Goose (Artie Fishel and The Promised Band) - 5:14; 10. 0 Fm (Artie Fishel & DJ Big Bobby Johnson) - 6:20; 11. The Way You Look Tonight [Hoy Vey, The Way You Look Tonight] (J. Kern/D. Fields) - 4:36; 12. Lipstick (Artie Fishel) - 1:22; 13. You And The Night and The Music [You And The Knife And The Moishik] (Dietz/Schwartz) - 2:40; 14. Wae And Peace (Artie Fishel) - 0:47; 15. A Night In Tunisia [A Knight Into Nietzsche] (D. Gillespie) - 5:17; 16. Jungle Jazz (T. Clark Hill) - 0:07; 17. Ladies And Gentlemen (Artie Fishel) - 3:10; 18. My Favourite Things (Rodgers and Hammerstein) - 2:30


[riportati come da copertina…] Artie Fishel [aka Gilad Atzmon] (zaxophone, schwartzephon und voical), Peter Foreskin [aka Asaf Sirkis] (schlog sahne), Jaco Pastrami [aka Yaron Stavi] (boss und abu boss), Shimshon Gib Shoin [aka Eyal Maoz] (gitoyer), McGoy Tyner [aka John Turville] (piane), Gesher Rozen [aka Guillermo Rozenthuler] (voical), Salim Dion [aka Koby Israelite] (accordion und voical), Ovad Fretless [aka Ovidiu Fratila] (fiddler of the groove)


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