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Arve Henriksen: Solidification

Arve Henriksen: Solidification

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Arve Henriksen

Label: Rune Grammofon
Released: 2013
Views: 370

Track Listing

LP1/2 (Sakuteiki): Sanmon - Main Entrance; Viewing Infinite Space; Inside Tea-House; Peaceful Close To Cherry Trees; Procession Passing; Evening Call; Breathing; Beauty Of Bamboos; Tsukubai Washbasin; Planting Trees Creating Beauty; "Stones Should Never Be Placed Carelessly"; White Gravel; Shrine; Paths Around The Pond; Children In My Garden; Sanmyaku (Bonus); Bonsai Ritual (Bonus). LP2/3 (Chairoscuro): Opening Image; Bird's Eye View; Chiaro; Holography; Blue Silk; Parallel Action; Circled Take; Scuro; Time Lapse; Ending Image; Short Frame (Bonus); Jump Cut (Bonus); Clear But Obscure (Bonus). LP5/6 (Strjon): Evocation; Black Mountain; Ascent; Leaf And Rock; Ancient And Accepted Rite; Twin Lake;Green Water; Alpine Pyramid; Wind And Bow; Strjon; Glacier Descent; In The Light; Triangularity (Bonus); Metals (Bonus); Home (Bonus). LP7 (Chron): Proto-Earth; Hadean; Chron; Solidification; Zircon; Plume Of Ash; Magma Oscillato; Archean; First Life; Plate Tectonic; Chronozone.


Arve Henriksen: trumpet, voice, electronics, all other instruments (LP1/2, LP7), keyboards (LP5/6); Jan Bang: live sampling and samples (LP3/4); Audun Kleive: drums and percussion (LP3/4); Ståle Storløkken: keyboards (LP5/6); Helge Sten: guitars and bow (LP5/6).

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