Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion

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Ancient Future

Label: Narada
Released: 2006
Duration: 53:36
Views: 1,474

Track Listing

Prelude; Bookenka (The Adventurer); The Trader; Mezgoof; The Empress; Ja Nam; Sunda Straits; Morning Sung; Sumbatico; The Dusk Song Of The Fisherman; Ladakh; Garuda.


Matthew Montfort: scalloped fretboard guitar, steel string guitar, flamenco guitar, guitar synthesizer, electric guitar, mandolin; ZhaoHui: gu zheng; Doug McKeehan: piano, synthesizer, Tibetan bells; Jim Hurley: violin; Ian Dogole: African talking drum, percussion, dumbek, cymbals, madal (Nepali drums), American Indian drums, maung zaing (Burmese gongs), udu, caxixi; Bui Huu Nhut: dan bau (Vietnamese monochord); Bill Douglass: acoustic bass, Chinese flute; Jack Dorsey: drums; Eric Golub: viola, kokyu; Emam: tabla; Warren Dennis: shakers.

Album Description

Asian Fusion by Ancient Future is a musical travelogue spanning the vast geographic and cultural expanse of Asia showcasing some of the top performers in the Asian music field, including Zhao Hui, China's preeminent master of the gu zheng (Chinese zither) and Bui Huu Nhut, a leading performer of the Vietnamese dan bau (a one-string Vietnamese instrument with an indigenous version of a whammy bar). Asian Fusion received much critical acclaim. It made the Tower Pulse! Top 10 Best Contemporary Instrumental Releases of 1993 List (#4) and was Guitar Player magazine's "Pick" for April 1994.

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