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Augustus Black is an internationally experienced composer, producer, and keyboard artist, an innovator in music technology and sound design, and an original voice in open form and improvised music. He has studied contemporary composition & performance practice with Gwyn Pritchard, Frank Denyer, Alexander Goehr, Gavin Bryars, John Woolrich, Dierdre Gribbin, Catherine Laws, Edward Cowie, Matthew Spring, Paul D. Miller & Bob Gilmore. He is currently working on an extended series of solo piano and multi-keyboard works and co-leading The Salamander Project - a third stream (jazz/classical) collaboration with Ecuadorian American saxophonist Nestor Zurita.

Aside from a lengthy performance career as composer/arranger, bandleader and session keyboardist, Augustus Black has been the artistic director on numerous creative and commercial projects. Over the last three decades he has worked for leading digital instrument companies - Roland, Kawai, Yamaha, Korg, Akai, Ensoniq & Zoom - set up studios in Japan and the UK, and performed and recorded with some of the finest musicians and artists on the international jazz and world music scenes. His collaborations include work with saxophonists Mike Ellis, Ron Caines, Tom Alexander, Edgar Abraham, Colin Tully, Jerry Underwood, Paul Dunmall, Will Menter & Andrew Voigt; guitarists Marcelo Kimura, Robert Beckley, Jon Dalton, Gary Peters, Daryl Jahnke, Steve Robshaw & Philip Gibbs; keyboardists Febian Reza Pane, John Serry & Phillip 'Zenpho' Phelps; vocalists Toto La Momposina, Edgar Villaroel, Samuel Hutchinson, Eartha Miya, Yoko Sikes, Mossa Bildner, Troy Ellis, Dorian 'VGo' Wright, Carlton McCarthy & Jocelyn Dunleavy; trumpet players David Mowat & Steve May; trombonists Savio Piccini & Mike Bourne; bassists Ossie Lawrence, Patrick Farrell, Stephen C. Campbell, Nobuyoshi Ino, Antonio Quijano, Marce Jackson, Jerome O'Connell, Ben Jacobs & Durban Laverde; flautists Neil Metcalfe, Claudio Furet & Stan Rivera; percussionists Marco Vinicio Oyaga, Lisa Cherian, Charlie Tovar, Henry Shaftoe, Myke Vince & Richard Davis; strings players Graham Clark, Yunnosuke Yamamoto & Rafael Ramirez; traditional African musicians Moussa Kouyate & Ben Badoo; drummers Mike Hoddinott, Mark Anderson, Stacey Bachelor, George Paice, Barney Sage & James Bulteel; choreographers Parmin Ras, Edwin Lung & Heo Leggoretta; producers Soichi Terada, Jungle Red, Akinori Sawa, Rob Smith RSD; Prime Funk Collective, and a host of others. He has taught by invitation at five major universities and many colleges worldwide; he writes on jazz, contemporary music, art and creative theory, and currently teaches and mentors young musicians online.

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”The build-up of tension and release was so intense - at times, during his one-hour performance, I almost forgot to breathe” - an audience member.


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