Autumn Noir

Autumn Noir by Abigail Rockwell

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Abigail Rockwell

Label: Golden Egg
Released: 2018
Views: 1,661

Track Listing

Track listing:
1 Summer Me, Winter Me 3:52
2 Libertango 3:22
3 Slow Burn 4:06
4 So In Love 4:04
5 Miss Brown To You 4:09
6 Autumn 3:49
7 Almost Blue/The Thrill Is Gone 4:50
8 Am I Blue 3:54
9 Summer Erotic 3:48
10 Voodoo Swing 3:06
11 Lane Closed 3:44
12 I Wish You Love 5:00


Additional Personnel

Abigail Rockwell - executive producer, vocals
Quinn Johnson - keys
Kevin Winard - drums, percussion
Robert Mitchum - bass
with Harry Allen, Jim Hynes, Mauro Refosco and Davi Vieira, Bernd Schoenhart, David Mann, Bob Mann and Bill Brendle

Album Description

Abigail Rockwell - Autumn Noir CD Release: 10.10.18 Featuring Saxophonist Harry Allen & More! Sultry tones tell the story. Cinematic jazz: a fresh blend of originals and standards
Abigail Rockwell's first album as a singer/songwriter
"This album was born from beauty and friction. It is my love letter to the east and west coasts: the craggy edges of the east, the vast expanse of the west, and all the dark alleyways in between." - AR Why Noir? That haunting sax solo line running through Taxi Driver, the distant blow of a conch and those voodoo drums from I Walked With A Zombie... shadings of light and shadow... music and images that left a stamp of recognition on me like a raised brand I couldn't get rid of. That post-war, atomic age desperation still ripples that dark lake off Highway 2. Femme fatale, Lady Fate, I never know quite what she has in store for me. All I can do is surrender and go for a ride. She drives like the night, blinded but knowing, to a destination of her own choosing. Music Noir in a post-modern world. "Her voice is a bit deeper and fuller, but her phrasing, her use of occasional melisma, and the breathy sexiness of her sound call to mind Morgana King. I mean this as high praise." - Gerry Geddes "Although many vocalists have included torch singing in their repertoire, few have made it a specialty as has Abigail Rockwell. With her breathy, smoky voice and sultry demeanor, she is most reminiscent of Julie London. What Rockwell brings to this table of torch is poetry." - Marilyn Lester Abigail comes from a family of artists. Her biography is in her work. "All I could think of was the guy with the saxophone and what he was playing. It wasn't a love song anymore, it was a dirge." - Detour, 1945 Produced by Val Lewton Booking & Inquiries: abigailrockwell.com / armusicnoir@gmail.com Publicity & Media Inquiries: Scott Thompson PR | scottthompsonpr.com / scott@scottthompsonpr.com 203.400.1818


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