Ava Lemert

Instrument: Saxophone, tenor | Location: Sacramento

Updated: January 17, 2019

Born: July 19

Prolific songwriter, singer, producer, tenor saxophonist, Ava Lemert was born in Covina, California, a suburb in Los Angeles, County. Before she started preschool, Ava was wacking on toy drums, making up songs and singing them onto her sister's cassette tapes. Eventually, Ava was her High School's first underclassman —as well as the first female— Drum Major. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Ava struck out into the workforce.

Music wasn't a part of her busy life until 2005 when as a mother of a 3 year old son, she re-learned how to read sheet music so she could play her dusty saxophone again in a community band. From there, she got the fever to perform and write again, and now, Ava is breaking new ground for herself in music, and for the first time, in 2017, Ava's original music received Grammy consideration in three categories. “Whether I am recording an album in the studio or performing for a live audience, I love to create and move people emotionally,” says Ava. “Every song I play is very personal to me, and whenever possible I love to take the opportunity to share a little of the story behind it before I play. As exciting as it is to be onstage, I also love taking my sax into the audience and feeling closer to those I am playing for. Being able to make eye contact and know that you’ve touched people’s hearts and lives is truly gratifying, and I am grateful for every opportunity to connect with people in this way.’


Tenor sax: 2006 Legend New York Custom Black Nickel Microphones: live vocals- Sennheiser e845 wireless sax - Shure 89a studio: (2) Sterling Audio ST-59 large diaphragm condensers Reeds: Rico plasticover Ligature: Rovner dark mouthpiece: Rico Metallite 9M


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Soulful, jazzy, saxy, funky, fresh blend of powerful vocal and saxophones by Ms. Lemert. Seductive, addictive real instruments, music made the way it used to be but with a contemporary soul and vibe. Some fast funk, some smooth sexy, for sax lovers!

There is something on here for everyone who visits these pages, and if you check out the sound samples on CD Baby then I think you'll agree that this is a worthwhile purchase to kick off your soulful squandering in 2010! B. Towler, SoulChoonz.com

Such energy, zest, drive, and skill on the sax make this young lady one to watch. The album simply drips with enthusiasm, clearly from her soul, and it’s plain to see (or hear) that she wants you to know she was having a party in the studio throughout the entire time that she was laying down the tracks for this collection of really well-produced R&B-laced smooth nuggets

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