Baggiani Baggiani

Marcos Baggiani (Argentina 1973) is a drummer, composer and producer. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Amsterdam in 2001, where he studied at the Conservatorium and gained an MA in Jazz. Enlightened and inspired by his encounters with the impro/jazz scene in the Netherlands, Marcos has evolved into a creative, powerful and versatile musician. Established ensembles include Jerboah, The Ambush Party, the C.B.G and bAgg*fisH. Marcos has collaborated with such improvisers as Ellery Eskelin, Shahzad Ismaily, Michael Moore, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ernst Reijsiger, John Edwards, Luc Ex, Oren Marshall, Wolter Wierbos, Ingrid Laubrock, Ab Baars and Achim Kaufmann, playing all over Europe and America. Baggiani is active in Amsterdam’s flourishing improvisation scene, both as player and organizer.

He is one of the artistic leaders of record label Trytone and curated the Trytone Festival between 2006 and 2012. He curates the EARsessions in Amsterdam. He was co-founder of The Meeting Point, a monthly music & dance laboratory at the Bimhuis, which today functions as Monday Match.


“The perpetual challenge of reconciling the embraceable passages with those more abrupt and acerbic is a limitless source of fun and intrigue.” BIRTH IS THE WORM, Dave Sumner, U.S.A. (about C.B.G)

“... Drummer Marcos Baggiani is a nice mischief-maker whose unexpected interventions often steer the music into new directions. That’s the great strength of The Ambush Party: powerful personalities with a strong will.” Tim Sprangers / DE VOLKSKRANT ****

“These four guys really speak the same language despite diverse backgrounds. It's the language of poli- stylistic risks, collectively created tension

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