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Bálint Hrecska

Bálint Hrecska was born in Budapest, on 12 August, 1981. Music had interested him from a very early age and so, his parents enrolled him to a musical primary and middle school where he met up with his first and really important impacts.

After middle school came a few years of side tracking from these studies, but his interest towards music stayed constant, more over grew a great deal. In 2000, just before his high school graduation, he got his very first bass guitar.

At this time he was mostly into the progressive rock groups of the 70’s, but he soon came to meet Jaco Pastorius’ works


- 1983. JV-series Jazz Bass

- Cort Artisan B5

- SKD custom UltraJazz Bass

- Trace Elliot AH500-7 500W head

- Trace Elliot 1028H 2x10 cab

- Artec APW7 Dual Mode Wish Wah

- Electro-Harmonix Nano BassBalls

- Damage Control TimeLine

- D'Addario strings

- Tribal Planet cases