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Barbara Jungfer

Barbara Jungfer, born in Berlin West, fell in love with the guitar at age 11. Studying the acoustic instrument first with local music school teacher Wolfgang Lewerenz, she soon taught herself how to accompany Beatles-Songs with chords, which led her teacher to show her fingerpicking-arrangements of these tunes and later on Ragtime- and Blues-Arrangements. Becoming familiar with the Blues, she chose the electric guitar as her instrument at age 16 and imitated Blues guitarists like B.B. King and Albert King. Not much later, she discovered Jazz and Jazz Rock, and mostly inspired by live concerts in Berlin in the late 80ies, began to study this kind of music by any means available” recordings, books, single lessons with local musicians, jamming with other guitarists, jazz band workshops and last not least sitting in in countless jam sessions. She gained even more playing experience in various Jazz Bands in West Berlin, ranging from Duo with saxophonist Tina Wrase over a Fusion Quartet playing 80ies Jazz Rock to the Flintstones BigBand playing Count Basie Swing. Her personal influences derive from a variety of styles and players, among them Jim Hall as well as B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix, up to John Scofield, Mike Stern and Mick Goodrick.

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„ Impeccable sovereignity of a strong female guitarist” (Jazzthing 09.2005)

„ This music has weight, convincing power and excitement. The boredom of flat landscapes won't be found here. She conjures up chord changes that are as unexpected as the effortlessness and certainty with which she plays them.” (Alexander Schmitz/Jazzpodium09/2005)

„ Barbara's repertoire contains tricky lines as well as bluesy, expressive solo passages. A great musician with an astounding spectrum“ (Gitarre & Bass 10/05)

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