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Barbara Sfraga is an artist who gathers no moss as she rolls through life, constantly evolving. Jazz Times said “She has never met a genre she didn't like or couldn't assimilate.” Described as “consistently inventive” (Billboard) and “jazz singing at its cutting edge best” (LA Times), she’s been on a musical journey that evolved from church organist to rock keyboardist to ‘voicist’. A classically trained vocalist, Barbara jumped ship to sing rock, pop, R&B and jazz. She throws all those influences into the pot to create and sing the music she feels with no boundaries, as evidenced in her recordings, “Oh, What a Thrill” (1999, Naxos Jazz), “Under the Moon” (2003, A440 Music Group) and the most current “Timelessness Frozen in Time” (2006, SyncTimiCity), a collective effort featuring keyboardist/vocalist Mala Waldron, bass artisan Christopher Dean Sullivan, soundrhythium Michael T.A. Thompson and multi-reedist Allen Won.

The ensemble changed its name to The Timelessness Project in 2008, to reflect the cohesiveness of the collective. “There really is no leader in this ensemble”, says Barbara. “Rather, the group is fueled by all five of us, as we all contribute to the writing and promotion of the project. It’s a real team effort, and I know it sounds cliché, but we really are a family. There’s some heavy-duty love up in here!”

THE NEXT STEP. The coalescence of Sfraga’s “journeyart”, the evocative photography of Sfraga, Thompson and Waldron and the original music of The Timelessness Project (some of which can be found on Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest’s 2006 recording, “Timelessness Frozen in Time”) materialized into the multi- media venture, “Timelessnessity”, which seamlessly blends the aural and visual dimensions of the group. The ensemble had a strikingly visual side from the onset. Fans are struck by the their enchanting signature sound, but also, the visual side of the group - how they interact - which is the visual component of the improvisational interplay that is ever present in their music. That, combined with the very organic jewelry some of the musicians sport (Sfraga is also a jewelry designer) set the scene for a natural blending of disciplines. Sfraga’s 2006 book, The Subway Series, A Book of Drawings Sprinkled With Words contains some of the artwork featured in “Timelessnessity”.

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August 13, 2008

"Bassbass'n'voicethang" with Special Guest Andrea Wolper

July 10, 2007

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June 19, 2007

CA Tour Dates: Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest: The Timelessness...

January 04, 2007

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ + Mala Waldron Group perform during IAJE, Friday,...

September 27, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest at Jazz Standard, Monday, October 9

September 19, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola...

August 11, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ's upcoming NYC dates/release for "Timelessness...

June 22, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest CD/Book Release Thu., June 22, @...

June 14, 2006

CD/Book Release: Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest, @ Makor-NYC,...

April 07, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ, Fri., 4/7 @ Enzo's Jazz @ The Jolly Hotel 8:30 PM...

March 07, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ's bassdrums'n'voicethang, Thursday March 9th

February 23, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest at Enzo's Jazz/The Jolly Hotel...

January 06, 2006

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ + The Mala Waldron Project during IAJE Fri., Jan....

November 29, 2005

Pre CD Release: Barbara Sfraga & CSQ, Wed, Nov. 30th @ Satalla, 7PM

October 20, 2005

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest Oct/Nov NYC dates

August 16, 2005

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ @ Satalla, Tues, 8/16 7:30 pm

July 12, 2005

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ PLUS Mala Waldron Band, 7/13 @ Satalla, 7pm

May 11, 2005

Barbara Sfraga & CSQ @ SATALLA, Wednesday, May 11th, 7 pm show

September 18, 2002

Barbara Sfraga Group At Five Chicago Venues September 25th Through...

(Preview) The singer likes to call herself a voicist -- presumably Sfraga's way to invest her vocals with an instrumental perspective (a ala saxophonist). But the truth is that she really doesn't have to do anything other than allow her inventive singing to speak for itself. Always eager to bring new life to the most familiar songs, Sfraga has gotten together with the gifted quartet Center Search Quest to develop new material in a style eclectic enough to combine elements of cutting-edge improvisation with R&B- tinged rhythms. - Don Heckman Los Angeles Times, Critics Choice

(Preview) And at La Ve Lee it’s the amazing NYC vocalist Barbara Sfraga and Center Search

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