Barry Garneau

Keepin beat in mother's womb while she and my father played guitar and sang. Learned uke, singing harmony, acoustic guitar from her. Electric guitar and R&R for the '50s, jazz from '59 on, plus gumbo of Dylan, Jimi, Janice, Aretha, Otis, Band, loved that funky stuff, still do (last heard: one month ago in Woodstock, homeies). Genre agnostic, like and play good honest music that appeals to me, not the press.

Arthritis hi my workhorse hand, now play and sing less, now write about music, listen constantly. One body sense e.g. olfactory and/or, visual goes south; then hearing and touch get better, more comprehensive. Also teaching now, having had a thirst for knowledge became form early on, like Jaco, “formally self-taught”, then had four extremely good teachers; two on upright bass (one jazz and the vehicle and one the vehicle and chamber orchestra), one on guitar (harmony and vehicle) and one on free/world/jazz/music and got me playing with consumate artists. Lucky man. 'Must of been the right musician, must have been the right teachers”. If it had to have a genre name it would be 'Parlor Music'.


Everything is given to my granchildren coming up except a Sakazo Nakade '63 unique sounding classical guitar. also a flamenco guitar by Francisco Navarro in Paracho Michoacan Mexico. Spainish Gypsy music being a long time passion of mine. Too bad I can't play it


None; not famous

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