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Benjamin Kaufman

Years of Experience: 7 years

The reason he started performing:

I began playing music because I loved the way it made me feel. It allowed me to express myself on a level that was unmatched by anything else. With my introduction to jazz and the unlimited about of creativity and improvisation, I was hooked. I began playing guitar because I wanted a challenging and versitile instrument. Guitar allows me to play constantly. Other instrumentalists are often taking turns. I also noticed how tightly knit the rhythm section players were and that was appealing to me.

What he is doing musically right now:

I have become very serious in my Jazz Studies. I am practicing on an average of 3 hours per day. However, I practice so much because I love learning new music and expressing new ideas. Currently, I am playing in the Cherry Hill East Jazz Big Band and the Jazz Standards Band. The Jazz Standards Band is made up of the lead players from each of their sections. I love the bond that I share with the other musicians and the music that we create

What he plans on doing in the future:

For the future, I plan on playing with old and new jazz standards members. I am attending hofstra university in the fall where I will be majoring in Jazz+commercial music. I will be studying with Teachers Dave Lalama and Rick Stone, just to name a few. I plan on playing in the Jazz band and any other jazz ensembles that are available

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