Bernie Holden

Bernie found he could play tunes by ear on the recorder and mouth organ from the age of about 6 and had piano lessons for two years starting about 10. Took up clarinet in the school orchestra at 13 and by 16 was playing in local jazz bands and at 20 had made at least three TV appearances. Despite the opportunity to join a full time professional band at 21 decided to remain semi professional until more recently when he decided to do a music degree and obtained a BA Hons in Jazz at Middlesex. Established on the London jazz scene and played in New York and at many international jazz festivals including Kathmandu, Cork and North Sea. Enjoys performing the Gypsy swing style of music and from time to time Latin with various Brazilian musician such as Gui Tavares and Halsey Clauberg. Additionally has recorded with and plays with William D Drake who met when he was in a rock band called Nervous which as well as appearing at Ronnie Scotts headlined at such venues as Jazz Cafe. Including in its fan base such people as Stella and Mary Macartney Nervous, recorded its first Album at Macca's studio. Here Bernie met and jammed with Paul pointing out at their first meeting the beatles had initially resulted in the loss of most of his jazz Bernie has just launched an iphone app called jazz practice. mt=8 .. . ..


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