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Bestiario marino

Bestiario marino

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Francesco Massaro

Label: Desuonatori
Released: 2016
Views: 329

Track Listing

L’étoile de mer; Rajiformes; Desmonema annasethe; Baleines inappètisantes; Caravela portuguesa; Canto marino; Les èpaves; Melusina (l’amor absolu); Gidouille ou tourbillon?; Gamma volantis.


Francesco Massaro: sax baritono, clarinetto basso; Gianni Lenoci: pianoforte, piano preparato, fender rhodes, radio, toys; Mariasole De Pascali: flauto, flauto alto, flauto preparato; Michele Ciccimara: batteria, steel-set, chimes, cupa cupa, objet trouvès.


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