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Betty Davis / They Say I’m Different


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Betty Davis

Released: 2007
Views: 909

Track Listing

Betty Davis: 01. If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up; 02. Walking Up The Road; 03. Anti Love Song; 04. Your Man My Man; 05. Ooh Yea; 06. Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes; 07. Game Is My Middle Name; 08. In The Meantime; 09. Come Take Me; 10. You Wont See Me In The Morning; 11. I Will Take That Ride They Say I'm Different: 01. Shoo-B-Doop and Cop Him; 02. He Was a Big Freak; 03. Your Mama Wants Ya Back; 04. Don't Call Her No Tramp;. 05. Git in There; 06. They Say I'm Different; 07. 70's Blues; 08. Special People; 09. He Was a Big Freak; 10. Don't Call Her No Tramp; 11. Git in There; 12. 70's Blues.


Betty Davis: Betty Davis (voce e arrangiamenti); Douglas Rodrigues, Neal Schon (chitarra); Jules Broussard (sax baritone); Larry Grahm a(basso); June Pointer, Anita Pointer, Patryce Banks, Annie Sampson (voci); Greg Errico (batteria e produzione); Merl Saunders, Hershall Kennedy (organo e clavinet); Richard Kermode (piano); Victor Pantoja (conga); Doug Rauch (basso); altri. They Say I'm Different: Betty Davis (voce, arrangiamenti e produzione); Cordell Dudley, Jimmy Goodwin, Buddy Miles (chitarre); Larry Johnson (basso); Ted Sparks, Mike Clark (batteria); Tony Vaughn, Merl Saunders, Hershall Kennedy (tastiere); Pete Escovedo (timbales); Victor Pantoja (conga); Debbie Burrell, Elaine Clark, Trudy Perkins, Mary Jones (voci); altri.


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