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IBill Barner's “Ten Tunes” reached number 10 on the jazz radio top 40. Radio accolades include, “Very impressed with Bill Barner’s clarinet work”~Sandy Taylor, WRIU Kinston, RI., and “The Bill Barner album is fun and mood transforming. Barner and his companions also have excellent tone quality and have a good sense of jazz theory”~Jenni Gibson, WSUM 91.7 FM Madison, WI. The recording has garnered good reviews such as this from Roots Music Report, “Jazz music allows for the exploration of many avenues of creativity. Clarinetist Bill Barner wrote these ten tunes while thinking of music from various continents. Accompanied by Stan Smith (guitar), Roger Hines (bass), and Danny Aguiar (drums), the Virginia-based musician is blessed with a smooth touch that moves effortlessly from one emotional note to the next. Smith’s virtuosic guitar-playing also has some great lines … as lyrical, fluid, and tricky as they need to be. Together, the quartet on this album creates buoyant music with a powerful groove with influences from around the world. The album has moments of dazzling brilliance, and the musicians’ imaginative improvisations and interpretive variations are quite impressive;” (Joe Ross) and this from Musicwatch, “Bill Barner is a clarinetist, and this is his exploration of what the clarinet can do within a jazz/worldgroove format

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The Ten Tunes CD reached number 10 on the jazz radio top 40 charts. Reviewers have written:

“This enjoyable and always interesting session highlights the versatility of the clarinet—and also the high level musicianship of Barner and his band mates—but also breaks it free from the narrow niche to which the instrument, unfortunately, is often relegated to in modern music. (

For his new album Ten Tunes, Barner decided to largely ignore genres and infuse the foreign flavors of the Middle East, Spain, and Brazil, liberally adding rock rhythms alongside swinging ones. He’s ably assisted by longtime cohorts Stan Smith (guitar) and Roger Hines (acoustic bass), as well as Brazilian drummer Danny Aguiar

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Album Ten Tunes by Bill Barner

Ten Tunes

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Album Rain Bather by Tobin Mueller

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