Bill Stevens - Piano

Bill is an active jazz pianist in the North Carolina area. He was the house pianist at The Know Bookstore and Restaurant in Durham NC from April of 2008 through March of 2010. He also leads a trio with musicians Weldon Kollock (trombone) and Chip Newton (guitar), performing regularly at The Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh, The Land's End Clubhouse in Emerald Isle, and at numerous private parties. “In today's world, where recordings and the Internet have made outstanding music commonplace, we seek to invite listeners into a kind of experience they could only have with live improvisation. We do this by emphasizing spontaneous interaction amongst performers and cultivating deep emotional attunement with the listening audience.” Since December of 2008, the Bill Stevens Trio has been collaborating with artist Mike Stevens, exploring the synergy of combining improvised music with live painting.

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”...unique combination of passionate, entertaining Jazz keyboards and trombone coupled with the visually stimulating acrylic painter mesmerizes our guests. Bill's Trio engages our audiences and regularly draws a good crowd.” —Anya Gordon, Owner, Irregardless Cafe, Raleigh, NC

“Better than a spa. Relaxing and invigorating music for the soul. Not only sound but an art vision to meditate on for the evening.” —Kathy Dettinger, Lands End Clubhouse, Emerald Isle, NC

“The Bill Stevens Trio is made up of consummate musicians. Chip, Weldon and Bill practice the fine art of listening, responding, creating and communicating with an audience in a wonderful way

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