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Emanuele Coluccia

Label: Workin' Label
Released: 2018
Views: 501

Track Listing

Oceano #1; Eagle's Wish #2; Oxtlapaltekatl #3; Lejos #4; Alba #5; The Promise #6; Bright Red #7; Azzurro #8 (P. Conte); Birthplace #9.


Emanuele Coluccia piano #1; Luca Alemanno double bass #2; Dario Congedo drums #3

Album Description

"Birthplace", the new album by pianist, multi-instrumentalist Emanuele Coluccia, together with double bassist Luca Alemanno and drummer Dario Congedo, will be released on october 5th. The album is published by Workin’ Label with the support of Puglia Sounds Record and distributed by I.R.D. Pianist, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, conductor, teacher, Emanuele Coluccia is a stylistically eclectic musician, essentially an improviser, always tending to the synthesis of experiences, inspired by a syncretic vision of life and the arts. At the center of his research there is the desire to grasp the heart of things: of sound, of listening, of musical action. "Birthplace" is the recapitulation of a path, tracing back the current of memory and returning to the place of birth, where the potential is at best and the possibilities are infinite, then making of this place the starting point of a new life here and now. The tracklist contains eight original songs and a reinterpretation of the famous Azzurro by Paolo Conte. Singer/songwriter Carolina Bubbico has lent her voice in Eagle's Wish to bring back the theme of the tune to its original nature: a free, extemporaneous singing, expression of the desire of a being that knows the flight as its natural and daily condition. The thematic parts of the compositions are born from "travel notes": actual vocal notes taken during the frequent journeys that accompany the author's life, but sometimes also from inspirational states produced by particularly exciting circumstances of life, moments in which seems that singing and sound are a perfect opportunity for relationship and knowledge with oneself. Around these ideas, the harmonic part of the pieces has been developed and realized with a mixed technique (tonal, modal, atonal) in the constant effort to keep the respective expressive layers close together in an increasingly complex, yet concrete, dance. The cd booklet will contain the illustrations of Benedetta Longo, 10 watercolor plates inspired by the sound of the musical pieces, which will offer a synaesthetic means for the fruition of the work, a mirror for those who watch while listening. The release will be announced by some video teaser built with audio excepts of the disc and video-photographic material artfully edited with the aim of underlining the musical narration and the principles of its inspiration: the journey, the flight, the return, the homeland, the ability to revisit one's entire history with the aim of discovering oneself anew, more creative, ready to live more intensely.

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