Blip Fool

Blip Fool utilizes analog and digital synthesizers, guitars and effects to create jazz-influenced progressive electronic music.

Our tunes find themselves influenced by jazz and progressive music. The jazz influence rears itself mostly in the arrangements and solos and the occasionally enhanced harmonic structure throughout the tune. We've always liked the head-solo-head-solo-head sort of arrangement (thank you, Berklee!) The progressive influence appears in many of the lead lines and the melodies in the heads.

The music we make usually starts with a melody or a hook...if you listen to the tune Rough you'll hear it as soon as it kicks in. Everything was written around this hook. The harmonic structure surrounding it fit into place as the tune developed. Through months of listening and playing it became what it is today. Rough is a great example of the music we like to write and play.

Think Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer with a little Herbie Hancock and Jean Luc-Ponty thrown in. Then (not Jeff) Beck comes in and adds some effects and aura underneath it all. Finally, Brian Eno blesses the entire thing with something unknown that makes it all seem complete. That is our thought-process...

We hope you enjoy our music.


”...glowingly stands alone...with the fluid and textural power of lush instrumental grooves. (9.5/10)” - Alex Jasperse @ The Muse's Muse

“...a really, really tasty piece of electronica...” - Jason @ Insomnia Radio

“...just awesome...” - TPAN #069 Snap Dot Dash

“...subsequently beautiful...absolutely brilliant!” - GD @ Bite Size Bonus Podcast

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