Blossom Dearie Blossom Dearie

Blossom Dearie was a remarkable American jazz vocalist, pianist and composer from the bebop era known for her unique voice, definitive arranging style and continent spanning career. From recordings and radio to Calvin Klein ads, the Gilmore Girls television show, and many other film and TV soundtracks, her career swung into the 21st Century. Christina Aguilera and Carly Rae Jepsen are fans, and her friend Tony Bennett honored her as a jazz influence. Elton John recently named the piano he uses in his Las Vegas shows after Blossom.

Blossom Dearie was born in the Catskill Mountains of New York State and was given her name by three proud brothers who brought pear blossoms into the house upon her arrival. One of her earliest memories was climbing onto her mother’s lap in front of the family piano and picking out tunes by ear. She started classical piano lessons at five, and at ten she moved to live with her brother in Washington, DC to continue training. It was expected she would enter the Peabody Conservatory. As with most of Blossom’s life, “She had other plans!” Blossom returned to the Catskills and switched to jazz where she developed a style similar to her favorite jazz pianist Art Tatum. She was a part of a band in high school, and after, wanting to see the world, she headed to New York City.

Once in New York she became part of the vocal scene as a member of Alvino Rey’s Blue Reys and Woody Herman’s Blue Flames. She began to play as a solo artist as a headliner and accompanist to other singers like Annie Ross at New York clubs.

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Album Christmas with Blossom Dearie (single) by Blossom Dearie

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Daffodil Records Inc.

Album Blossom Dearie Sings - 45th Anniversary Edition with Bonus Tracks by Blossom Dearie

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Album Blossom Time at Ronnie Scott's by Blossom Dearie

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Album From The Meticulous To The Sublime by Blossom Dearie

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Daffodil Records



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