Blue by Andy James

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Andy James

Label: Le Coq Records
Released: 2019
Views: 315

Track Listing

The Look of Love #1, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life #2, Sweet Andy #3, Inside Out #4, Hallelujah #5, I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good #6, Wild is the Wind #7, I Heard It Through The Grapevine #8


Andy James
Andy James

voice / vocals

Additional Personnel / Information

Michael Dease #1; Trombone, Bill Cunliffe #1; Piano, Terell Stafford #1; Trumpet, Rick Margitza #3; Saxophone, Terell Stafford #3; Trumpet, Michael Dease # 3; Trombone, Marvin "Smitty" Smith #3; Drums, Chris Colangelo #3; Bass, Bill Cunliffe #3; Piano, Rick Margitza #4; Saxophone, Terell Stafford #4; Trumpet, Michael Dease #4; Trombone, Bill Cunliffe #4; Piano, Rick Margitza #5; Saxophone, Bill Cunliffe #6; Piano, Charles McNeal #6; Saxophone, Rick Margitza #7; Saxophone, Brandon Bennett #8 Jake Langley #8; Guitar, Rick Margitza #8; Saxophone, Terell Stafford #8; Trumpet, Michael Dease #8; Trombone,

Album Description

Andy James is a spontaneous party wherever she goes, and the best of the best are always crossing the velvet rope to stop by and play! Alex Acuña, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Michael Dease, Terell Stafford, Rick Margitza, and Chris Colangelo all contribute incredibly beautiful genius to this, Andy's third LP release. Music Director, Bill Cunliffe, does it again with Andy James's latest album, Blue! He is the perfect tonic for Andy James's smoky knowing sound, bringing every nuance effervescently to the listener. Andy James's version of "The Look of Love" rides the line of nonchalance with an under the waterline come-hither magnetism. Michael Dease and Terell Stafford tease the singer with a sophisticated banter, all kept in effortless control by Bill Cunliffe at the piano. "Hallelujah, I just love him so," is a lithe rendition with a twist of zip. Andy steps up and gracefully portions out a cheerful line as the boys, Michael Dease and Rick Margitza, juice it up with some sass. Andy James gives an unconditionally sweet and gentle interpretation of "I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good." Bill Cunliffe sumptuously spreads his brand of burnished lux as Charles McNeal adds his silky pang to add to the longing of the text. Andy James brought Rick Margitza all the way from Paris to Hollywood's Capitol Studios for a gorgeous collaboration. Rick delivered that distinctive brand of Parisian melancholy suffused in "Wild as the Wind." You can almost feel the drizzly raindrops as you hear this melodious spotlight. Andy James is the perfect companion to this whole gang of jazz headliners coming together for the last track on Blue, "I heard it through the Grapevine." Terell Stafford headlines with a steamy swagger, then each of these impressive greats has a chance to speak and make you just about to lose my mind - Rick Margitza, Michael Dease, Jake Langley, and Brandon Bennett with Bill Cunliffe as the Engineer of this freight train of talent! Bill Cunliffe wrote Sweet Andy out of respect for Andy Simpkins, a lovely guy who played bass with Sarah Vaughn for a long time. "I was getting a massage many years ago, and my masseuse started singing. I asked her where she got it from, and she said she got it out of me!" Inside out is a song written by Bill Cunliffe along with an outstanding lyricist who is a New Yorker and Princeton graduate, Randy Rothenberg. Being in love is a bit crazy, and this tune honestly brings out the quirky ungainliness of it!


Album uploaded by Santiago Interiano


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