Blue Modules

Blue Modules by Ron Davis

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Ron Davis

Label: Minerva Road / Davinor Records (741360354784)
Released: 2012
Views: 677

Track Listing

1. Roger's Rumble -Ron Davis and Roger Travassos (0:48) 2. Pawpwalk - Ron Davis (3:22) 3. Mahna Mahna - Piero Umiliani (1:53) 4. Making Plans For Nigel - Colin Moulding (5:23) 5. Viva Las Vegas - Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman (2:39) 6. Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers (3:36) 7. I Will - John Lennon & Paul McCartney (4:23) 8. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimmy Hendrix (4:58) 9. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Stevie Wonder (3:55) 10. Living For The City - Stevie Wonder (3:59) 11. Blue Modules - Ron Davis, Ross MacIntyre and Roger Travassos (4:26) 12. Patanjali's Chant – Traditional (5:47) 13. You Can't Do That - John Lennon & Paul McCartney (2:47)


Ron Davis
Ron Davis


Additional Personnel / Information

Ron Davis (piano) Ross Macintyre (bass) Roger Travassos (drums) Donna Grantis (guitar) Diego Matamoros (voice)

Album Description

by Arthur Fish This is a truly beautiful recording. I've been waiting for a master jazz musician to respond to to-day's pop music as the heroes of the music did to the pop of their day. Ron Davis has now done it. If, like me, your musical loves include Radiohead, Bill Evans and the Jimi Hendrix of Electric Ladyland this is for you. Two things stand out for me. When I listened to this record I felt completely enfolded into a unique sonic world - as I do when I listen to Radiohead or Bjork. And Ron Davis approaches pop songs and the palette of electric and electronic sounds in a way that is completely his own. The irrepressible Rhythm-a-Ron, deeply steeped in jazz tradition and a powerhouse keyboard virtuoso, is present and accounted for, but he mutes his exuberance just enough to set up an entrancing tension with the electronic timbres he and his bandmates deploy. The dance is in the music. The song choices and sequencing are really effective. He does not "recompose" pop songs in the usual bop or post-bop manner so much as elicit their immanent content. It's a new way of doing jazz, and only a very intelligent musician could have come up with it. I've always liked Bill Evans's "Conversations With Myself" but viewed it as an interesting, failed experiment. Blue Modules starts where Evans finished, and is a wonderful artistic success - with the promise of more to come.


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