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Blues - Deluxe Edition

Blues - Deluxe Edition by Rory Gallagher

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Rory Gallagher

Label: Chess
Released: 2019
Views: 814

Track Listing

CD 1: Electric Blues - Don't Start Me Talkin’; Nothin’ But The Devil; Tore Down; Off The Handle; I Could've Had Religion; As the Crow Flies; A Million Miles Away; Should've Learnt My Lesson; Leaving Town Blues; Drop Down Baby; I'm Ready; Bullfrog Blues. CD 2: Acoustic Blues - Who's That Coming; Should've Learnt My Lesson; Prison Blues; Secret Agent; Blow Wind Blow; Bankers Blues; Whole Lot Of People; Loanshark Blues; Pistol Slapper Blues; Can't Be Satisfied; Want Ad Blues; Walkin' Blues. CD 3: Live Blues - When My Baby She Left Me; Nothin' But The Devil; What In The World; I Wonder Who; Messin' With The Kid; Tore Down; Garbage Blues; All Around ; Born Under A Bad Sign; You Upset Me; Comin’ Home Baby; Rory Talking Blues.


Additional Personnel / Information

Rory Gallagher: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dolin, harmonica; Muddy Waters: vocal; Albert King: guitar, vocals; Jon Slaughter: guitar; Roger McKew: acoustic guitar; Sammy Lawhorn: guitar; Leo Sayer: harp; Mark Feltham: harmonica; Carey Bell Harmington: harmonica; Georgie Fame: piano; Zoot Money: piano; Lou Martin: keyboards, guitar; Geraint Watkins: piano; Bob Andrews: piano; James Washington: keyboards; Lonnie Turner: bass; Jack Bruce: bass, vocals; Rick Grech: bass; Gerry McAvoy: bass; Jim Leverton: bass; Alan Jones: bass; Vic Pitt: bass; Herbie Lovelle: drums; Alan “Stickey” Wickett: drums; Henry Spinetti: drums; Joe Turner: drums; Rod De'Ath: drums; Brendan O'Neil: drums; Richard New: drums; Lonnie Donegan: vocals; Chris Barber: trombone; Nate Fitzgerald/Steve Wilson/Wayne Preston: horns; Ernie Royal/Joe New/Garnett Brown/Seldon Powell: brass.

Album Description

Contemporary blues



Album uploaded by Doug Collette


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