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1.Describe your discovery of Music.

“I’m 51. When you say discovery of music, I am assuming that you mean what we affectionally call “the music”. While still strongly into a jazz-fusion bag musically during my teens (Brand X, Return To Forever, Passport, Gong, etc.,), I sifted through my father’s record collection and came across a John Coltane LP entitled ‘Last Train’, a late 50’s Prestige release. The opening selection ‘By the Numbers’ with Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Art Taylor, forever opened my ears up towards this music. I played this piece over and over for many days. It continues to be to the opening selection of each new calendar year of my radio programming on WPFW. WPFW, 89.3FM and, is Pacifica’s Washington, DC outlet. This progressive network also has stations in New York and Houston, and two stations in California. WPFW is the only station in the network where jazz is a formal part of its aesthetic mission. I’ve been an on-air programmer with WPFW since 1983 and currently produce and host alternating Thursday nights from 11PM until 1AM.

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