Bob Hamilton

Born and raised in the Newark, NJ area, Bob started playing piano and organ at the age of 8. Early on, family and friends noticed that he was gifted and encouraged him to pursue his music. Throughout middle school and high school, Bob played in numerous bands covering a variety of musical styles, but his interest was truly in jazz. His early influences included Count Basie Band and Oscar Peterson.

Pursuing music as his career, Bob then went on to major in music at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Bob's music teacher, Richard Osborne, introduced him to the Indianapolis music scene. He was a steady at the The Embers and performed with comedians and singers, such as Frankie Lane, Eloise Laws, and Slappy White. On the jazz front, he performed with Pookie Johnson, Russell Webster and Royce Campbell. He was even fortunate at a young age to sit in with Wes Montgomery, during this time.

After several years, Bob moved back to New Jersey. Focusing on jazz, he performed in clubs around the NYC area, including the Village Corner, Surf Maid and Green Street. Vic Juris, Andy Fusco, Calvin Hill, Eddie Gladden and Bob Moses were among the musicians with whom he frequently performed. It was during this time and shortly after, Bob started doing record dates and recorded with some of the biggest R&B and disco artists of the 70's, including Gladys Knight, Donna Summer, Vanessa Williams, Fifth Dimension, The Tramps, and Samantha Sang. Over the last two decades, Bob has continued to stay true to his love of jazz. Living for a time in NYC and then San Diego, he's performed with many legendary and accomplished jazz musicians that have helped shape his playing style of today, including Joe Henderson, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Tal Farlow, Walt Weiskopf, Charlie Rouse, James Moody, Mundell Lowe, Frank Morgan, Tootie Heath, Lou Donaldson, Terry Gibbs, Buddy DeFanco, Lynn Seaton, Attila Zoller, Holly Hoffman, Bob Magnusson, Don Menza, Bob Devos, Jeff Brillinger and Ron McClure.

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