Bob Jacobson

Like most sax players, I started on clarinet as a kid and have become increasingly involved in clarinet over the past several years, even creating a 3-clarinet (plus guitar & bass) band called Jazz Clarinets Galore. I also lead two other combos in which I play both sax & clarinet: Sounds Good and Swing 'N' Samba

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Jacobson has a complete mastery of classic jazz clarinet style. Being a sax player myself, I was delighted to hear real jazz clarinet, not just saxophone jazz performed on a clarinet. Jacobson's phrasing was masterly all evening long, showing a perfect balance of technical flash and lyricism. Each solo was unique and matched the style of the head exactly. I never got the sense he had anything to prove and his performance was comfortably in the pocket on every tune. He has the relaxed confidence and control that comes only from experience, and each musical offering he provided was masterfully performed.


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