Both Sides

Both Sides by Marc Jordan

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Marc Jordan

Label: Linus Entertainment
Released: 2020
Views: 162

Track Listing

Nearness of You; Calling You; I Saw Your Smile; Walk On the Wild Side; Both Sides Now; What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life; Wild Horses; He's Going To Break Your Heart; People Get Ready.


Additional Personnel / Information

Marc Jordan: vocals; Lou Pomanti: piano, keyboards, background vocals; Mark Rogers: bass; Larnell Lewis: drums; Lyle Molzan: drums (4, 9); Mark Kelso: drums (3); Randy Brecker: trumpet; Mike Murley: tenor saxophone; Tommy Emmanuel: acoustic guitar; Mike Francis: electric guitar, dobro; Kevin Breit: guitar FX; Justin Abedin: electric guitar (9); Lesley Young: oboe; John Johnson: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet; Tony Carlucci: trumpet (4); Drew Jurecka: strings (3); Lydia Munchinsky: cello (3); Measha Brueggergosman: vocals (2); Amoy Levy: background vocals (BG); Billy Newton-Davis: BG; Amy Sky: BG; Wendy Lands: BG; Zoo Sky: BG; Ezra Jordan: BG; The Blind Rabbis of Rosedale: BG; Prague Symphony Orchestra.



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