Brandon Essex

Brandon got hooked on music at an early age. He began playing loud rock music in bars and clubs at the tender age of 15. Still in his teens, Brandon flipped for the double bass and jass music, joined a quartet and landed his first steady gigs. Soon after that, he actually learned how to play, and has never looked back. Now with a voracious diet for both quarter notes and syncopation, playing music has become a self sustaining habit, with many chairs and cigarette machines agreeing that his vicious cycle of fourths is vital and addictive..............


Juzek w guts, Swingmaster with Spiros, Hofner Copy, P Bass. Acoustic Image and Mesa Boogie, Ramsa, Avatar.


Primary Instrument


Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced


Most often I help elecrtic players with upright technique. Also general music and improv. Jazz Studies at CCM, University of Cincinnati.

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