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Brian Eisenberg

Los Angeles based composer/arranger/band leader Brian Eisenberg is the recipient of the ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award, the Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award, the ASCAP Plus Awards, the John Philip Sousa Award, and the Palomar Council Reflections Award. His music is published with the UNC Jazz Press, Imagine Music, and Hamar Percussion Publications.

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”An amazing writer.” -Vinnie Colaiuta “One of the most talented writers I’ve ever known”. -Scott Kyle ”[Brian's] composing and arranging is out of this world.” - Christian Jacob “A very talented composer indeed.” -Keith Fiddmont ”[Brian's] writing is thrilling, the first original voice I've heard in a very long time.” -Alan Steinberger “Really wonderful writing”. -Josh Nelson ”Wow……magnificent! Totally personal, engaging, and chock filled with surprises around every corner. Bravo!!!” -Larry Koonse ”First-rate writing, musicianship, and production.” -Alan Ferber ”This audacious debut has clearly been forged with creativity, innovation and grit.” -Edward Blanco ”Fantastic arrangements...superbly executed and recorded with total panache by a killer band.” -Brent Keefe ”The stories [Brian] tells through [his] complex (and yet, uncluttered) arrangements are both poignant and beautiful, powerful and delicate

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