Brian Kastan

Instrument: Guitar | Location: New York City

Born: April 2, 1972

Jazz-Fusion guitarist, Brian Kastan introduces his newest CD, “Not So Standard”. This album showcases dynamic New approach to playing mostly jazz and two classic rock standards from the sound perspective on the Brian Kastan group. The goal of this album is to demonstrate how Brian has developed a new and exiting hybrid finger picking technique that allows the listener to hear something new with-in the American songbook that brings the listener on a virtuosic and sensitive improvisational journey. The band is constantly pushing, pulling, and weaving the compositions to create music that articulates the feeling of always evolving with in the structure of the composed song

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Jazz Views With CJ Shearn: Best albums of 2016

Jazz Views with CJ Shearn Best Albums of 2016 year end list. A lot of impressive albums this year, if not all have been reviewed on the blog, they certainly have been listened to. What I consider to be the crème de la crème this year.

Brian Kastan: Roll The Dice On Life (Kastan Records)

by ​ ROLL THE DICE ON LIFE: Ev’ry once in a while, a promoter sends me an album they may not even realize is destined to make musical HISTORY… think “Zappa 21st Century”… Brian’s guitar is just killer. ​ ​ cd.html?spref=fb ​ Sometimes I get some strange stuff in for review

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