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Bruce Eliot Baker

A fine jazz pianist and uniquely talented composer Bruce Baker has been making a stir in recent times. “I want to compose jazz riffs and vocal charts that people can sing and remember” says Bruce.

Born, raised and resides in Los Angeles, Bruce grew up listening to jazz in the 60’s and 70’s while hanging out with his father (drummer Irwin Baker) which significantly influenced Bruce’s current composing styles. “There was no lack of ‘west and east coast jazz’ in our house” says Bruce, “and it’s had a significant effect on my writing.”

Three years ago, Bruce formed his current group; The Bruce Baker Trio - the foundation of the Altered Presence Jazz Band; Bruce's guest performers are often changing, an Altered Presence to suite the needs of the compositions, the venue and the event.

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”Excellent modern mainstream jazz that is well worth checking out”. -American jazz reviewer, historian and author - Scott Yanow ”What I love about Bruce's music is that it's hip as hell but completely accessible. So much melody and feel. He composes and performs these fresh, infectious gems that make your toes tap and your soul smile.” Love and Faith LAF! - - Writer, director, and songwriter Steve Mackall