Bruce Heckman

I have been writing poems and stories since age nine. I won some awards and was published when I was nineteen. Two and a half years ago my son got engaged and I wrote a lyric to which a friend and guitarist, Jeff Brown, wrote a tune. Melissa Walker sang it at the engagement party and I was hooked. Been writing many lyrics and a few tunes since. We did a demo and were offered a publishing contract, but turned it down due to loss of control. Wrote lyrics to eight psalms composed by Loren Stillman, a Downbeat rising star saxophonist. We recorded a CD live in a chapel with Kate McGarry vocals. I keep on writing and hawking my songs. Bruce Rogers has done many tunes to my lyrics and I have written more lyrics to some of Loren's songs. I love jazz and my contact with such supremely creative individuals.



Album Jazz Psalms by Bruce Heckman

Jazz Psalms

Stained Glass Jazz


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