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Bryan C. White

While music has always been an important and ever-present part of bassist Bryan White's life, the fact that he has made a career - sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time - out of music is a pleasant surprise for him.

A late-bloomer musically, Bryan didn't pick up the electric bass until 1997, adding fretless electric to his arsenal just a year or so after that, and then started playing upright bass in 2000. A childhood friend's dad was a bass player and always had basses around when they would spend time hanging out, and eventually gave Bryan his first bass lessons.

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“Usually propped up next to an upright bass, Bryan White is daring to take the instrument to the next level by rocking it solo. As a bassist, I appreciate this move. It’s a bold one, but someone had to do it (besides Victor Wooten, because he’s pretty much a different kind of being). That being said, Bryan White has a heap of skill resting in his fingers, and he lets it loose when he plays.” - ListenAsheville Blog (Oct 10, 2013)

I want to give a shout out to Bryan White on bass – I was impressed by the strength of the bass lines and solos all night long. I don’t typically notice bass a lot, but there was no way Bryan’s great playing could be ignored.” - Jill Nichols, Live and Local In Lexington (Feb 17, 2013)

“He’s the kind of musician who knows how to add just enough without needing to show off, and yet at just the right moments he steps in with goose-pimple-inducing solos.” -Alli Marshall - Asheville Mountain XPress Magazine - Alli Marshall, Mountain XPress (Mar 28, 2009)

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