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Matthieu Donarier

Label: BMC Music
Released: 2008
Views: 76

Track Listing

01. Two songs from the Merry Hunting Songs cycle: I. Merry hunting song after a good shot; 02. Russian Russian; 03. Avicenna; 04. Wandering exile 1; 05. Mirandola; 06. Kismet; 07. Two songs from the Merry Hunting Songs cycle: II. Lofty thoughts of the beloved in the shadow of a herd of stag; 08. Byzantinum; 09. Steps - intervals; 10. Night music; 11. Wandering exile 2; 12. Contemplatio; 13. ???????


Gábor Gadó (chitarra); Matthieu Donarier (sax); Lajos Rozmán (clarinetto, clarinetto basso); Boglárka Fábry (marimba, vibrafono); Béla Gál (violoncello nella traccia 5); Mátyás Szandai (contrabbasso nelle tracce 1,3,7,9,10,12); Sébastien Boisseau (contrabbasso nelle tracce 2,8,13); Attila Martos (contrabbasso nella traccia 5); Joe Quitzke (batteria); Tamás Geröly (percussioni nelle tracce 1,3,7,9)


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