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In a industry full of cookie-cutter artists Trumpeter Caleb Joseph’s latest album “Only You” feels like a hearty plate of soul food you never knew you needed until now His musical landscape brimming with trendy fads like trap and pop, one Tampa musician’s sound is classic enough to stand the test of time, but relevant enough to cut through the heart of listeners across varying backgrounds, from multiple generations.

Trumpeter Caleb’s Joseph’s latest album, Only You, feels like a hearty plate of soul food you never knew you needed, until now.

For the past decade, Caleb’s unique trumpet styling has garnered a local fan base that is captivated by his blending of old school 90’s jazz, fused with his high- energy riffs inspired by musical genres that hail from the around the world.

Born and raised in Haiti, Caleb started playing the trumpet at age 13 in his father’s ministry.

“ I used to play at my dad’s church. Everyone at my church played an instrument so I started to feel pressured,” he chuckled.

“I couldn’t blow, I couldn’t read any music, I sucked at it. I got more serious about it when other kids in church were promoted to play in the band and I didn’t get picked.”

He got focused and practiced everyday until he was good enough to get promoted too. He fell in love with performing. He started landing gigs at weddings, restaurants, churches and festivals, collecting fans along the way. To the point he was passing gigs to other local musicians. His magnetic stage presence eventually started booking and selling out his own shows in local venues, throughout the country in big cities like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando and even Internationally

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