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After paving the way with a handful of popular radio singles over the past year, Billboard Artist, Carol Albert brings out a full array of rich jazz and global fusion artistry on her unique concept album FLY AWAY BUTTERFLY. The versatile Atlanta-based composer, keyboardist and vocalist takes the listener on deeply soulful, exotic journey that artfully blends spirited, jazzy piano melodies, dreamy vocals, punchy percussion textures and hypnotic ambiences featuring the soaring, inspirational twist on Al Jarreau’s classic song “One Way,” a contemporary homage to one of her jazz heroes offering up the powerhouse saxophone of Sam Skelton. FLY AWAY BUTTERFLY will take your musical imagination to many beautiful destinations!.

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Carol Albert enchanting jazz singer Carol Albert – FLY AWAY BUTTERFLY: Carol is one of the most enchanting singers I’ve heard in a long time, and there’s a decided plus, in that she plays piano with some of the highest creative energy on the scene today. I recently did a video critique of her work, and you’ll see how professional her standards are there. On the album, high-spirit tunes like “On My Way” convey the kind of joy the world needs more & more of today… a SUPERB song, full of life!

The promo sheets explain that after Carol lost her husband (2014), she turned back to composing, so the music is automatically in the healing zone… don’t take that the wrong way, though… this isn’t “down, sad” music – not at ALL! You’ll hear how her spirit has been replenished as you listen to the wonderful “Transition“, where she clearly paints sonic cascades abundant with the joy of entry into new worlds… a MOST impressive song that gets constant play on my iPhone… I just LOVE this piece.

Though “Across the Sky” starts out with a decidedly jazz solo (think Coltrane), Carol’s vocal easily transports you into a zone where memories become reality – in a good way… some fine, FINE guitar work compliments the saxophone right at about the 2:10 mark, as well

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