Cene Resnik Cene Resnik

Cene Resnik is a tenor saxophonist who lives and works in Ljubljana. Over the past few years, he has been intensively involved in research of free improvised music fields. Despite his formal study of jazz music at the Regional Conservatory in Klagenfurt, he has always been interested in marginal, creative music, instant composition and free improvised music plays.

Since 2010, he is actively involved with a variety of creative local and foreign artists and musicians in larger and smaller formations. Resnik is one of the prominent representatives of Slovenian creative and improvised music scene.

As a saxophone player he explores the capabilities of his instrument without any preparations or additional, accessories or tools. He is interested in primary range of his instrument. A personal approach to playing and especially the sound of saxophone is fundamental for Resnik, since he explores different playing techniques, learns about different textures and fragments of sound. The sound is influenced by every detail, as the tenor saxophone has, because of its pitch, outstanding range and variety of colors and overtones in its natural surroundings.

For the last 16 years, Resnik has been studying and practicing meditation and Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of many outstanding yogis of meditation, and Venerable Buddhist teachers. With the help of meditation, he is developing focus on present moment, which supports him in his daringness and spontaneity of his improvised music.

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