Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Chad grew up in Horseheads, a small town in up state New York. His father was a music teacher whose love for jazz naturally flowed into the heart of his young son. With his father as a mentor, Chad had his first saxophone lesson when he was nine years old and so began his musical quest. A year later, he began playing with local jazz legend, George Reed and not long after, when Chad was 11, he won his first DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award. It was evident that Chad had unearthed his niche.

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”Playing a prominent role on the album is saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown; a fixture on the city's jazz scene, Brown is a veteran whose phenomenal playing is the perfect complement to Angus' excellent performances... 'Level 21'... highlighting the exquisite play from Brown... it is the guitarist and Brown who truly shine with spectacular solos.” Excerpt from Edward Blanco's All About Jazz review of Quentin Angus, “Retrieval Structure”.​

“Saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown impresses on soprano sax on Chok's original arrangement of the Gershwins “The Man I Love.” At seven minutes, there's a spacious, unhurried feel to the arrangement, though Singam's rousing finale, buoyed and lifted by Lefkowitz-Brown's soprano, is stirring..

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