Chip Shelton Chip Shelton

CHIP SHELTON With incredible talent and perseverance, Chip Shelton has earned an undisputed reputation as one of the most renowned flutists in the world of jazz. And in recent years he has established himself as a formidable saxophonist as well. What separates Shelton from most other bandleaders is his ability as a multi-instrumentalist. He utilizes the entire woodwind family. Saxes include Tenor, Alto, Soprano, and Sopranino, all by the Yanagasawa Company which Shelton endorses. Flutes include the tiny piccolo, Bb flute, concert flute in C, alto flute, bass flute,contra-bass flute, and the Wesley End-Blown flute (custom fitted so it can be played in a saxophone position), Recently Shelton has added clarinet and bass clarinet to his practice sessions. His varied arsenal sometmes includes percussion, piano, or the unique C-tenor, and C-soprano saxes..

“Some of these instruments are difficult to play, but I’m willing to work harder to produce these different sounds that people don’t ordinarily hear,” says Shelton. “Since many of these instruments aren’t seen regularly on stage they are real conversation pieces.” Shelton has an impressive nine (9) CD releases to date. The first was “A Labor Of Love” (Rise Up Records, 1995), followed by two (2) releases on Satellites Records, then five (5) on Summit Records, and in January, 2013 came “Limited Edition” on CCM Records

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”I'll put this record up against any other flute record out there”, said producer-manager Kenny Mead repeatedly, about the Shelton release “Three Flutes Up”

”A Masterpiece” says XM Radio's Dr. Nick of Shelton's Grammy-considered CD release #8 in 2008, “Imbued With Memories”.

4 1/2 Stars says All Music Guide of Shelton's 2007 CD “live at the Cape May Jazz Fest”.

Primary Instrument

Saxophone, sopranino


New York City

Clinic/Workshop Information

Having successfully maintained parallel careers as a top NYC Orthodontist, an Orthodontic Educator, and a Jazz Recording Artist before recently becoming a full time musician, Chip Shelton presents a Digital/Power Point Workshop and Live Performance working-titled " Plan B or No Plan B…that is the question” It delves into many angles along the lifestyle and career- decision path we all must travel, whether child, adolescent, or adult. In one segment, some successful Artists, Musicians, and Athletes are profiled, many of whom, like Shelton, chose to have a “Plan B”… a parallel career as backup to their most passionate pursuits.



Album Limited Edition by Chip Shelton

Limited Edition

CCM Records


Imbued With Memories

Summit Records


Have Flute Will...

Summit/Chicken Coup

Album Peacetime by Chip Shelton


Summit Records

Album Flute Bass-ics by Chip Shelton

Flute Bass-ics

Summit Records


Have Flute Will...

Summit Records



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