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Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles jazz scene probably is already acquainted with bassist Chris Colangelo: he has worked at length in the City of Angels jazz circuit, as a leader or a guest, has recorded with other artists, and done stints for television and soundtrack projects.

Colangelo, however, is not as well known for his composition skills, which hopefully will change with his latest outing, “Elaine’s Song,” the nine-track, hour-long album Colangelo has spent two years putting together.

The mostly postbop material is a showcase for Los Angeles talent and positions a basic trio setup (celebrated pianist John Beasley, drummer Steve Hass and Colangelo) alongside other notable L.A.-based players: Benn Clatworthy (who adds tenor sax and flute), Bob Sheppard (who contributes tenor and soprano sax) and alto saxophonist Zane Musa.

Chris Colangelo has been living, working and recording in Los Angeles for about the last 20 years or so. He hails from the Philadelphia area and got his start working in the casino music scene of Atlantic City before moving west. Over these many years Colangelo has been honing his skills as bassist and composer all the while playing with many of the finest jazz musicians L.A. has to offer.

His dedication to his sound and musicality are apparent. The title song, “ Elaine’s Song” , is dedicated to Colangelo’s wife he met at Trump Plaza,( they have three children and are married after all these years), features some of this fine player’s solo bass lines. He has a round, generous tone that is warm, precise and inventive. Chris’ connection to his family is the same dedication to his music is apparent from his “thank you” in the liner notes on Elaine’s Song.

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Jazz reviewer John Gilbert wrote about that session, “live at Monteleone's in Los Angeles, [where] Colangelo assembled an all star cast, ” that the listener will understand why [Chris] is much in demand upon hearing him in action. His assertive approach and rapid fire solos take bass playing to another level...power tempered with feeling is a most sought after attribute and Colangelo achieves this with a natural ability grounded in musical education.”




Elaine's Song

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Album Elaine's Song by Chris Colangelo

Elaine's Song

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